Things To Do When You’re Feeling Lost


Sometimes we forget who we are, what our purpose is in life, and why we are even bother doing the things we do. These thoughts can steer us off track from our path of life. These thoughts are natural, though negative. And you better believe that even the most successful person you know experiences days where they are feeling lost in life. Here are some things you can do to help you get back into your element.

1. Involve yourself in your found family, babysit your niece, call you mom, visit your grandma, throw a dinner party and invite your friends, offer to go grocery shopping for someone whose super busy.

2. Give people little gifts when you can, make people playlists, wrap up books you think they’d like, pack them a lunch or a snack box, give someone flowers, pay for a strangers coffee, smile at people.

3. Speak your mind, stand up for yourself, stand up for whats right, and stand up for others. Speak you heart, don’t be a silent lover, tell people how you feel. Dont let problems build up forever, tell people when your hurting, let people know you need help.

4 Work towards a goal and be aware of your progress, learn to value reconsideration and editing, commit time and energy whenever you can. Become the person you want to be.

5. Stop identifying as your aspiration, there is no goal you can reach that will make you suddenly love yourself. You are a whole person in the present moment.

6. Don’t keep secrets. Keep things private if you need to, but trust those you know you can trust. If your body becomes a locked safe, there won’t be room for a person.

7. Find art you love, paintings, films, books, even knitting patterns. These are how people say things that they can’t put words to, you will learn things about the world that you can’t put words to either.

8. Make. make anything, scribble on sticky notes. Write your future self a letter. Make a bowl out of clay. Cook yourself dinner. Put creative energy into the world.

9. Use your body more. Remind yourself that their is a self other than the one in your head. Exercise, clean you house, feel sunlight, dance, sing.

10. Spend time naked until the way you look seems normal. Stop thinking of your natural state as abnormal.

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