The Most Common Misconception About Manifesting and Using The Law Of Attraction


A common error when we use the Law of Attraction is to think that manifesting it’s just visualising and or choosing a method and that’s it.

The word “attraction” has both the words “attract” and “action”, that means that in order to manifest, you have to take action. Yes, you visualise and focus your energy into your goals, but you have to act for your goals to happen.

“Manifesting”, is actually a series of actions that you take that will lead you towards your final goal. 5 million dollars will not be mysteriously deposited into your bank account just by visualising and sending the intention out into the Universe, and the love of your life will not come knocking at your door unless it’s someone you know/used to know.

If you want a relationship, do not just visualise and hope for that person to appear. Go out, meet new people and start living the experiences that are in alignment with the kind of person you want to live.

You want a relationship with someone who’s into art? Go to the movies, museums, concerts, art galleries, idk, visit places related to the kind of art you’re into and The Universe will make sure to put the right people for you to meet until you get to meet your special artist. And that’s with anything you want to manifest.

You want to work on improving your financial situation? Don’t go and ask for advice to your friend who’s more broke than you, or to your friend who expends more than what he can afford. Go and look for the people who know how to take care of their finances well, look for professional advice on finances.

If you want to manifest, do not just write down what you want or put it in your vision board and wait for it to miraculously appear in front of your eyes. Start taking some sort of action, make the changes you need to make to get to where you want to be and The Universe will start putting you in contact with the right people that will present you with the right opportunities that will ultimately lead you to your dream.

Think big and ask for the best, the greatest, the biggest things. You deserve all of them.

Thank you so much for reading.

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