What Is Alignment And How Does It Work?


Alignment is the state of perfect harmony and connection with the Universe. When you’re in alignment, you feel peace and joy, you feel like you’re guided and protected, you feel like life is yours to live and you truly can achieve anything you want.

Alignment is our natural state of being. It is our birthright to feel safe, it is our birthright to express ourselves and our true power. It is our birthright to manifest the reality of our dreams. We are the creators and we are here to create. The question is are we creating by default or by design?


You step out of alignment when you allow society’s fears, limiting beliefs, and convictions to govern your life. You step out of alignment when instead of understanding your negative emotions, you suppress them and allow them to become toxins in your subconscious mind. You step out of alignment when you cherish the scarcity mindset.

Separation is just an illusion. Your connection to the Universe, to Infinite Intelligence is always there. You just have to find it and ignite it. You are always loved, guided, and protected. Believe in it.


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