Connect To Yourself


Connect to your heart. Connect to this powerful energy. Allow your heart to guide you. We think that we make decisions with our brains, but we actually listen to our hearts. The electromagnetic field of the heart is five thousand times stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain. It means that we truly think with our hearts. The energy of the heart is magical. The energy of the heart has the potential to transform your entire life.

Start practicing heart and brain coherence. When you reach this powerful state, your vibration automatically raises. You start approaching everyone and everything with love and gratitude, and you get a reflection of this new attitude in your reality.

Attaining heart and brain coherence is quite easy. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart area and focus on your heart. Breathe through your heart. Connect to your heart. Feel positive emotions through your heart. Stay there for at least ten minutes.

The feeling will become stronger each time you repeat the practice. Utilize the power of heart and brain coherence. Use it to harmonize your life. Allow the magic of this powerful energy to perform miracles in your life.

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