The purpose of Inner Prime is to remind you of your ‘why’ and give you inspiration to keep going. This blog was created to help and inspire others reach their best self, or Inner Prime.

But, believe it or not, this wasn’t always our purpose.

  • June 2017 Prime Zodiac is born

  • June 2019 Prime Zodiac shuts down

  • September 2019 Inner Prime is born

  • January 2020 Inner Prime blog is born

Our brand started in June of 2017 as Prime Zodiac, an astrology centered media company that focused on distributing information on zodiacs curated by astrologers. At the time, our purpose was to help people understand the true meaning of astrology.

We learned so much from educating our community as Prime Zodiac. Yes, we learned an extensive amount of astrological information. But, most importantly, we learned about building a community.

But June 2019 is when it all changed. We were tired of being tied down to the astrology niche. We wanted more. Prime Zodiac shut down and we were in a developmental phase.

We enjoyed spreading and educating astrology, but our followers have evolved, and so have we. We decided to take the beautiful community we had built with Prime Zodiac on a spiritual journey. We had many more interests we wanted to share with you than just zodiacs, though at one point that was one of our favorites, and we wanted the support of our community to do so.

So, in September of 2019, we turned the page on Prime Zodiac and started a new chapter: Inner Prime. We’re still a media company, however we now specialize on spirituality as a whole. Healing, self-help, and meditation are just a few things we cover now. The purpose of making the change was to broaden the topics we generate content for, to make it as purposeful as possible for our audience.

Consecutively, in January 2020 Inner Prime blog was born. It’s been an amazing journey, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

So, if you’ve been here since the Prime Zodiac days, then thank you for your all of your support. And if you’re new here, then welcome to the Inner Prime family. Either way, we love being on this ride with you!