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Why “I Am” Are The Most Powerful Words In The Universe

I AM, the two most powerful words in the entire Universe. Whatever you put after those words, you eventually become. Start using your I AM statements to your advantage. Use them to consciously speak your reality into existence and create the life of your dreams. Never settle for less. Never allow negative self talk to sabotage your life.


I AM is the manifestation of the Divine within you. I AM signifies the presence of the greater power, the essence of the Universe. I AM represents your higher self, the spirit within you, your true nature.

Are your I AM statements empowering or dis-empowering? How do you utilize the power of these magnificent words? Stop lying to yourself, stop repeating all this negative nonsense. Your limiting beliefs don’t have to define you. Your past doesn’t have to define you. Nothing can define you unless you choose so. 


Pay attention to the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Realize that they have power. They will allow you to build a castle or a prison, the choice is always yours. I am powerful. I am happy. I am healthy. I am abundant. I am successful. I am loved. I am beautiful. I am worthy. Create empowering I AM statements and watch how your reality shifts. It won’t happen immediately, but if you repeat something over and over again, eventually, it has to become the truth.


Why Your Thoughts Run Your Life

Your thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts connected with your feelings create your energy. Your energy creates your life. If you really want to create a lasting change, you have to take care of your belief system. You have to become the energy you want to attract.

New thoughts lead to new feelings, and new feelings lead to new energy. If you want to attract success, you have to become success at a vibrational level. If you want to attract love, you have to become the vibration of love. 

You never attract what you want, but you always attract what you’re a vibrational match to. When you become someone new at a vibrational level, your reality starts to reflect that. You become a magnet for new opportunities, new people, new experiences. It all starts with your belief system. Your belief system is the filter through which you perceive your reality. Change your beliefs, change your feelings, change your life.

Connect To Yourself

Connect to your heart. Connect to this powerful energy. Allow your heart to guide you. We think that we make decisions with our brains, but we actually listen to our hearts. The electromagnetic field of the heart is five thousand times stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain. It means that we truly think with our hearts. The energy of the heart is magical. The energy of the heart has the potential to transform your entire life.

Start practicing heart and brain coherence. When you reach this powerful state, your vibration automatically raises. You start approaching everyone and everything with love and gratitude, and you get a reflection of this new attitude in your reality.

Attaining heart and brain coherence is quite easy. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart area and focus on your heart. Breathe through your heart. Connect to your heart. Feel positive emotions through your heart. Stay there for at least ten minutes.

The feeling will become stronger each time you repeat the practice. Utilize the power of heart and brain coherence. Use it to harmonize your life. Allow the magic of this powerful energy to perform miracles in your life.

What Is Alignment And How Does It Work?

Alignment is the state of perfect harmony and connection with the Universe. When you’re in alignment, you feel peace and joy, you feel like you’re guided and protected, you feel like life is yours to live and you truly can achieve anything you want.

Alignment is our natural state of being. It is our birthright to feel safe, it is our birthright to express ourselves and our true power. It is our birthright to manifest the reality of our dreams. We are the creators and we are here to create. The question is are we creating by default or by design?


You step out of alignment when you allow society’s fears, limiting beliefs, and convictions to govern your life. You step out of alignment when instead of understanding your negative emotions, you suppress them and allow them to become toxins in your subconscious mind. You step out of alignment when you cherish the scarcity mindset.

Separation is just an illusion. Your connection to the Universe, to Infinite Intelligence is always there. You just have to find it and ignite it. You are always loved, guided, and protected. Believe in it.


Thank you for reading.

The purpose behind burning plants is the idea that the smoke is cleansing whatever you are smudging. Whether it is the environment, people, or objects, you are smudging whatever which holds the negative energy.

What Is Smudging and Should You Do It?

What Is Smudging?

Smudging is the act of using smoke generated by plants for spiritual practice. And though it was invented thousands of years ago, there’s not one exact way to do it. Over the years, many cultures have added a bit of their own traditions to how they use it. So, in a way, each time you practice a smudging ritual you’re tuning in to a generational spiritual tradition.


The purpose behind burning plants is the idea that the smoke is cleansing whatever you are smudging. Whether it is the environment, people, or objects, you are smudging whatever which holds the negative energy. The practice incorporates three elements. The sage is the earth, burning the plant is the fire, and the smoke the plant releases is the air.

You can smudge your workspace if it has become stressful, your chakras if they are blocked, and your crystals if they are in need of cleansing. But don’t get it twisted, smudging is not a one time thing, it’s a practice that you repeat periodically to keep you, your objects, and environment purified. Click here to see the different kinds of smudge sticks.


Should You Do It?

Smudging has become mainstream in a way. Several big-chain companies have started selling sage primarily without selling the true intention behind it. But this is not the case, burning sage was originally a practice unique to ancient indigenous people. The act is a ceremony. In order for plant to cleanse, the person burning it must set the right intentions. The ritual is traditional ceremony that originates from ancestors of the Indigenous Americans and it should be respected.


So, if you do wish to use smudging to purify your space from bad vibes then we suggest you set an intention to your practice before starting. Focus on your breathing, believe in your intention, and start smudging. The best times to smudge is in the morning because it sets an energy for the day. Or, add smudging to you weekly self-care routine.


“If you don’t want to come to my house because I burn sage that means the sage is working”

Thank you so much for reading.

They say Karma will catch up to you. But will it? What exactly is Karma? The truth is, Karma's purpose isn't to "even things out." If you do something bad, it doesn't necessarily mean something bad has to happen to you. Karma isn't the result of something. It is action. Karma is created every moment through intentional actions, and that Karma is what affects you.

What is Karma And Should You Be Scared Of It?

They say Karma will catch up to you. But will it?


What exactly is Karma?

The truth is, Karma’s purpose isn’t to “even things out.” If you do something bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean something bad has to happen to you. Karma isn’t the result of something. Therefore, it is action. That is to say, Karma is created every moment through intentional actions, and that Karma is what affects you.

It is not some sort of destiny and, though you can’t run away from it, you do have control over it. You can change the Karma affecting your life at any moment by changing your intentional actions, thought, and words.


Why have you never known this?

Because we as a society have developed a false idea that we are not individually in control of our own lives. It’s because of this belief that we use karma as a reward and punishment system to validate or invalidate our actions. Learn more about this here.


However, if we can accept the idea that we are in control of the energy we generate, we can see that the real solution is to mindfully live in the present moment. We simply need to learn our true nature. By examining how we react to regular, everyday situations we can evaluate what type of Karma we are manifesting.

For instance, if you’re frequently reacting negatively, you’re conditioning the mind to deal with negativity. Alternatively, if you’re frequently reacting positively, you’re conditioning the mind to deal with positivity.


Here’s an example

A great example of how we manifest our karma is the one of the old Cherokee teaching his grandson about life.


“A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.” The important thing to remember is that the wolf who wins is essentially our karmic energy. Learn how to manifest your karma here.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is your karma.

Wayne Dyer


By using mindfulness in our daily lives, we can observe our minds and make the willful actions to do better. It’s at this point that we can make the efforts to use the karmic law to our advantage. And maybe we can even repair our karma from past negative behaviors. Thank you so much for reading.

The purpose of Inner Prime is to remind you of your ‘why’ and give you inspiration to keep going. This blog was created to help and inspire others reach their best self, or Inner Prime.

What Is Inner Prime? Healing, Self-love, Meditation And More

The purpose of Inner Prime is to remind you of your ‘why’ and give you inspiration to keep going. This blog was created to help and inspire others reach their best self, or Inner Prime.

But, believe it or not, this wasn’t always our purpose, and we weren’t always Inner Prime.


The beginning

Our brand started in June of 2017 as Prime Zodiac, an astrology centered media company that focused on distributing information on zodiacs curated by astrologers. At the time, our purpose was to help people understand the true meaning of astrology.

We learned so much from educating our community as Prime Zodiac. Yes, we learned an extensive amount of astrological information. But, most importantly, we learned about building a community.


The middle

But June 2019 is when it all changed. We were tired of being tied down to the astrology niche. We wanted more. Prime Zodiac shut down and we were in a developmental phase.

We enjoyed spreading and educating astrology, but our followers have evolved, and so have we. So, we decided to take the beautiful community we had built with Prime Zodiac on a spiritual journey. We had many more interests we wanted to share with you than just zodiacs, though at one point that was one of our favorites, and we wanted the support of our community to do so.


The end

So, in September of 2019, we turned the page on Prime Zodiac and started a new chapter: Inner Prime. We’re still a media company, however we now specialize on spirituality as a whole. Healing, self-love, and meditation are just a few things we cover now. The purpose of making the change was to broaden the topics we generate content for, to make it as purposeful as possible for our audience.


The now

As a result, in January 2020 Inner Prime blog was born. It’s been an amazing journey, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us next. Find our full portfolio here.

So, if you’ve been here since the Prime Zodiac days, then thank you for your all of your support. And if you’re new here, then welcome to the Inner Prime family. Either way, we love being on this ride with you! Learn more about us here.


Tips For Building A Bucket List Authentic To You

Before I created my own bucket list, I kept looking up bucket lists of others for reference. Soon I realised it’s not exactly the best method because I was prone to just copying things people “should” do in their life. Today I wanted to share some tips on how to build a bucket list that truly reflects what you want:

  • Before you start, really listen to your heart. Basically the only rule to this is making a list of things to what YOU really want to do. My bucket list doesn’t have bunjee jumping or skydiving because it’s not something I want to do, even though they are typical bucket list things.
  • Start with the things you already know. All of us can name at least three things we would like to do at least once in our lives. It can also be a place you want to visit or things you want to get. As an example for me it’s always been getting a dog. This will get you excited and might even bring to life more ideas.
  • Go as big as you want. No matter how impossible the dream may seem, you never know where your life might get you. Write down things you doubt you’ll ever be able to do, because you may surprise yourself later. Don’t give up before you even started.
  • Even the smallest and easiest things count. No goal or a wish is too small for your bucket list. As long as you really want to do it, go ahead and write it down. 
  • Add in life milestones or goals you want to hit. Keep in mind this is not a plan on how to get there, only visual list of things you want. You can write down that you want a house or which school you want to graduate.
  • Add people you want to meet. Who would you love to meet and talk to? Maybe even possibly be friends with?
  • It doesn’t all have to be pleasant. Not all experiences might be pleasant and sometimes you may want to try things that scare you. Break through’s can be on your bucket list too.
  • Keep updating. Feel free to come back and add things, and at the same time don’t feel bad crossing things out. You don’t need to keep things that don’t feel authentic to you. It’s completely okay to grow out of a dream or goal, just make sure it’s not fear getting in the way!
  • Keep the completed ones there so you can see how far you have come. They’ll motivate you to complete more! Plus, it’s good to write down the date of their completion.

Thank you for reading!

How To Stay Grounded

1. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Feel your lungs expand as you inhale and deflate as you exhale. Notice how your body changes as life flow in and out of your spirit. Allow it to bring you deeper into your body. Just breathe!

2. Look out your window and smile! Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the earth. Let in some air, hear the birds, feel the chill of the wind, talk to the trees. Thank Her for all she provides you with. 

3. Move with no judgment or worry. Just feel your body, no matter how broken, tired, or aching it is. It is a safe and sacred place. Touch, feel, soothe, and move through every corner of your body. It is not the enemy!

4. Reconnect with the divine. Meditate, pray, visualize, journey deep into the realm of ritual. Transform this silent time into an altar for the divine. Find magic in the mundane, allow your imagination to guide you.

5. Choose yourself! Choose to feel your emotions, honor your needs, and entertain your desires. Sink into your needs and wants at this moment. What is your mind, body, and soul craving? Choose to honor yourself in every moment.

I hope that you all will find the peace you need! Seek it with all your heart and it will greet you with open arms. Thank you for reading.

How To Stop Procrastinating

School is back in session and procrastination is on its way to all of our front doors. So, here are some tips to get past this semester and ace every class. Let’s set some high goals for ourselves. We are capable of anything and everything we set our minds to. With some effort, literally anything is possible. So, here goes the tips:

  • Realize that whatever you’re avoiding isn’t as bad as your mind makes it to be. Things are ALWAYS easier once you start doing them.
  • Plan to do a small and not too intimidating portion of the task.-Let’s say you have to read a book for an assignment. Then tell yourself to read 10 pages. Just 10. Later it will turn out to be easier to continue past that but now we need to trick your brain.
  • Count to 3 and GO! This is one of the smallest things that changed my life. When I really don’t want to do something I just count to three and do it. 3 seconds don’t give you time to doubt yourself and be afraid.
  • Change your surroundings accordingly. Try to get rid off as many distractions as you can and at the same time make sure your surrounding isn’t unbelievably boring and depressing. Try playing music without lyrics and try to make your study place aesthetically pleasing.
  • Get your phone away. Either delete your social media apps, turn off your phone, or at least put it out of your reach, or maybe even a different room.
  • Ask someone to check up on you. If you can, ask someone to come and kick you in the butt if they catch you procrastinating.
  • Take breaks that can’t turn into procrastination again. Go for a walk, clean something, or just lie down on the floor but no phone and no scrolling! Nothing addictive or time wasting/consuming.
  • Be kinder to yourself. Beating yourself up over procrastinating and calling yourself bad things will only make you feel shittier and less productive. Be gentle with yourself. Ask yourself to do things nicely.
  • Sometimes it is okay not to be productive. Blogs like mine can make you think that working all the time is the goal. But it’s not true at all. Sometimes procrastination can be a side effect of exhaustion or a mental illness even. Get some rest if you need it.

Thank you for reading.

How To Feel Less Stuck In Life

I don’t know about you but I certainly feel like I haven’t moved forward in life for months! Quarantine has us tied to our beds, seeing the world through windows or screens. Besides for the feeling stuck because of quarantine, we may feel stuck in our current situations. So, here are some small things you can do to feel less stuck where you are:

Go on a fitness journey. Start eating better,, start exercising or try new ways to move your body. Consistency and progress will make you feel better and more productive.

Change your daily routine. It could be just waking up earlier or switching things up in your routine. Breaking the repetitive pattern will help freshen things up.

Pick up a new hobby. Try something completely new or learn a new skill! Again, seeing progress even in smaller parts of life will be so beneficial to you.

Make things with your hands. Cook, make art, and build things. Leaving physical results that you can see behind is progress.

Spend more time with friends. Whether it’s to share new information, practice new skills, or just to get a good laugh.

Take care of something or someone. Take care of your pet, plants, or just help out local nature! Seeing something grow or learn to trust is an amazing feeling.

Thank you for reading.

How Our Inner Child Makes Us Needy And Clingy In Relationships With Others

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship or friendship with someone who told you that you were too clingy or needy? We have all been there to one degree or another. In my opinion, I do not like the terms ‘needy and ‘clingy’ as being called this by another person who is significant in our lives – is very shameful and demoralizing. Being called this does not offer any help to the person who is strongly attached to someone on an emotional level. In actual fact, being labelled as needy has detrimental effects on our self esteem and it can lead to people feeling depressed, and in worse cases self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

So we need to come from a place of compassion, empathy and understanding, before we point the finger, blame and shame a person for their behavior. Usually people who are classified as ‘needy’ by others in society, have experienced some kind of emotional trauma when they were growing up as a child. This can be anything from having an alcoholic parent, being brought up in a household that didn’t have any emotional support (emotionally unavailable parents), loss of close relatives to illness at a young age, social isolation and shunning by peers at school and bullying. Emotional neglect and the lack of connection, safety and comfort when we were children, is possibly one of the biggest causes of needy behavior.

When we are children, we are heavily dependent on our parents to keep us safe, supported, loved and cared for. When these needs are not met by our parents, this is when dependency issues come in. Once we become adults, we subconsciously search for those who can provide us those needs that we didn’t get as children. In some cases, people can often be attracted to those who will continuously expose the same wound time and time again. It is very common for codependent people to be attracted and fall for narcissistic individuals who will emotionally abuse and abandon them consistently. This vicious cycle can last for many years, if not decades and it can destroy your emotional well-being completely.

People who have been through this, usually are desperate to feel validated, accepted and secure by others – it’s like there is empty part of themselves that needs to be filled so they feel complete and happy. It is very common for people with strong attachment styles to have an extreme fear of being alone, dumped and abandoned. This is because it opens up the same emotional wound of feeling unloved and unwanted, which can be extremely distressing for some people. So when they meet someone who makes them feel like they are literally walking on cloud nine, they automatically get hooked on to them because they believe that they can have the power to fill the emptiness inside themselves and complete them.

This destructive behavior pattern can tear relationships apart, due to the amount of pressure that they put on to the other person. The fear of abandonment can lead to extreme bouts of anxiety, jealousy, and dread. These people can sometimes go to the extremes of looking down their partner’s phone and inbox to make sure that they aren’t texting anyone else to replace them in the future. This sort of behavior, if it’s caught red handed can lead to extreme conflict, emotional pain and eventually a break-up of the friendship or romantic relationship.

The best way to overcome needy behavior, is to connect to your inner child through journaling or meditation techniques. Thank you for reading.

How to Get and Keep Your Life Together 101

Here’s a list of all the tips, hacks, and advice that stuck with me from reading so many articles, videos and research. Feel free to ask me any questions, or add tips of your own.

Hydration. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, green tea, and black tea everyday. I know you see this everywhere but it’s true. Just drinking water will do wonders for your skin and your overall health.

Nutrition. Maintain a healthy diet by letting go your toxic, restrictive beliefs on diet and realizing that food is sacred fuel for your body. So, offer your body the best and at lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Essentially lots of wholefoods.

Incorporate smoothies into your mornings for extra dose of vitamins. Practice mindful, conscious eating, be there in the moment when you are eating, taste the food, and enjoy the experience of it. Meditate over your relationship with food and try to work through any unhealthy beliefs.

Exercise. Pick one or multiple forms of exercise that suits your schedule, lifestyle, and personality. Whether it’s jogging twice a week, going to the gym daily, or even just a fresh walk every evening. Pick what is suitable for YOU and keep it part of your life. Create your own gym routine, hire a trainer, train at home, or in the gym. Whatever works best for you.

Growth Mindset. Maintain a positive mindset that is always open and curious to learning new things, trying new skills, and ever willing to improve itself. Redirect your attention from drama, gossip, and toxic comparison beliefs to healthy ones. Unfollow accounts online or delete all your social media if that’s what you need to do.

Recreate yourself if that’s what you want. Focus on YOUR growth! Make a habit of reading new books, watching TedTalks, documentaries, etc. Look at educating yourself as a way to invest in yourself and a way to honor yourself. Maintain curiosity in your heart for the ways of the universe.

Stay humble and graceful in the face of adversity, but never give up on your dreams, failed attempts are only lessons for improvement, and the only true failure is giving up. As long as you keep going you’re still winning. Bonus tip: comparison is self harm, and a denial of your own power, so remember that nobody can be you and that’s a good thing. You can only be you, so make it count and honor yourself!

Relationships. Don’t cling to relationships and don’t be afraid to lose people. Be your authentic self at all times and do not be afraid to intimidate people or be too much! Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter. Know that the friends and partners that are meant for you will stay, or will find their way back to you. Be mindful of the dynamic in a relationship, and be self-loving enough to walk away from what is toxic, unhealthy, restrictive, disrespectful, etc. Forgive those that wronged you, but tolerate no mistreatment. You can forgive them from afar, but make sure they’re no longer a part of your life.

Focus & Goals. Keep a journal and as frequently as you can, write down bullet lists of to do lists, goals, dreams, daily reflections, aspects of yourself to improve upon, positive affirmations, wish-list etc. In other words, brainstorm all the things whirling around in your head regarding your own life. Remember all those things you’ve wanted to do? Bucket-lists, reminders, curiosities, etc? Keeping a journal, staying focused on your goals, checking progress, and practicing positive affirmations will transform your life.

Fashion. Elevate your wardrobe to a whole other level by sitting down and figuring out what your style actually is. Play around in your journal by creating a collage of your favorite colors, textures, patterns, styles, outfit combos, and accessories. Mix and match and figure out what your aesthetic is. Refine, polish, and thrift what doesn’t click. When you reorganize your wardrobe, you can easily mix and match anything because your wardrobe is already planned out. Bonus tip: do your laundry the same day every week (like Monday for example) and do a wardrobe prep on Sundays for the upcoming week so that at any moment you can be ready in five minutes looking perfectly polished. This avoids the whole ordeal of being stressed, rushed, and not knowing what to wear.

Skincare and hair care. Golden advice: invest in natural products, oils, and ingredients instead of investing in brands. Why? Because otherwise you’re paying for a concept instead of actual health benefits for your body. Try natural soaps, oils like shea butter, coconut oil, argan, avocado, jojoba, or rosehip, and water extracts like rosewater or hazelwater for toner. Coconut oil and argan oil is particularly famed for hair growth and shine. Castor oil as well helps hair growth, including for brows or lashes. Rosehip and shea heal discolorations, scars, and marks. Do your research, try out what fits you, and your skin will thank you later. Bonus tip: if you don’t use sunscreen already, try to incorporate it into your routine. Just make sure it has gentle, non-harmful ingredients for both yourself and the environment.

Etiquette, manners, poise, and posture. Watch videos, read books, or listen to audio books about confidence, proper etiquette, leadership skills, how to make people listen when you speak, etc. There are things which are so intuitive, obvious, and logical, and yet simply becoming aware of them and having the science of it explained will transform your perspective and the way you carry yourself.

Finances. Perform a monthly financial review to make sure you know where you are and what your budget is. Make a plan for backup funds, savings for travels, new tattoos, a house, or whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can keep things simple by listing your expenses in five categories like necessities, groceries, luxury, savings, and remaining funds. Keep track of your expenses or habits. There are even apps that show statistics or analysis for easy use. The point here is to stay on top of your own finances: know how much the monthly necessities are, know what has been payed, and keeping receipts.

Integrity. This means knowing yourself, having standards, knowing what your boundaries are, what you are willing, and not willing to do. When you know yourself and know your worth you won’t ever tolerate or accept anything less. Know what your principles, values, and beliefs are and hold them firmly because it is what you stand for. At the same time, it is important to keep an open mind to growth and improvement, but not so much that any persuasive argument will change your mind. Hold your own, but be gracious to other perspectives. And through it all, remember only you know what’s right for you and what’s best for you. Literally nobody else but you can know what’s in your best interest!

Efficiency & Improvement. This ties in with growth mindset but in a more practical way; make sure that you’re always leaving open space for improvement in your life and don’t ever just settle down, get stuck, or let yourself sink into complacency. Know that you can always change anything! Make a habit of frequently reviewing aspects of your life to see whether there’s anything you can make easier or more efficient. Instead of spending hours grocery shopping, check out shops online where your favorite products can be home delivered in a snap. Instead of driving to a vet for your pet, have a call in visit. Setting up recurring payments for finances also counts. Literally any process or activity whereby you can automatize a service, delivery, payment, etc. will help you in the long run, so you can focus more on enjoying life, instead of wasting time with trivial adult activities.

Thank you for reading!

How To Be Kinder To Others

Being kind is so important. I didn’t always think so, I used to think it’s better to be mean, tough, and heartless. But this type of behavior gets you absolutely nowhere in life. There’s so much more strength in kindness.

I’ve learned that it was hard for me to be kinder to others because I was accustomed to being kind to myself. This part took some healing, but with time I was able to treat myself kindly, and eventually I was able to treat others kindly. Here’s a few kind things you can do, if you don’t know where to start:

  • Properly greeting everyone and always saying thank you and please
  • When someone messes up, be understanding
  • When someone’s doing something, help them if you can, especially if they’re doing it for you
  • Pay full attention to the person talking to you
  • Compliment people on things you like
  • Use your skills to help others
  • Share things you have
  • Apologize when you mess up
  • Smile at people
  • Make small handmade gifts
  • Think kindly of yourself
  • Give yourself permission to slow down

Thank you for reading

Tips For Getting New Hobbies

I know a lot of people who simply don’t have any hobbies. I think having hobbies is important and everyone should make time to have a bit of fun. Hobbies are great to fall back on when you’re feeling down, stresses, or just not like yourself. You can pretty much make a hobby out of anything, but it’s completely normal to be in a rut. So, here’s a few tips on how you find a new hobby:

  1. Accept that it’ll be uncomfortable and you’ll do poorly at the beginning. Trying new things is hard because we are almost always bad at them at first. Being bad at something can be really uncomfortable, but you need to accept it and push through it. You have to focus on whether you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, not how good you are. 
  2. Look for hobbies similar to what you already like doing. Do you like singing? Try playing an instrument. Do you like dancing? Try playing a different sport. Do you like drawing? Try painting. Unless you’re starting from zero, your current hobbies can help you a lot.
  3. Try new things with your friends. Try new things with your friends. You can try join their hobby or you can both try something entirely new. Either way, things are less scary when there’s two of you.
  4. What are your talents? What are the things you’re good at? You could start by working on your talents. It can be something obvious like singing or your talent might point you in a vague direction. For example you might be good at making people laugh, but what hobby does that lead to? You can try improv, drama, or even stand-up!
  5. Try as many things as you can. Of course not everything is easy to try but there are so many small things you can try doing in a day! Embroidery, art, blogging, photography, singing… there are so many you can try without buying anything or joining courses.

Try something new today! Thank you for reading.

Felling Energetically Stuck? 4 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction Hasn’t Worked For You

In the spiritual community, we have all come across the philosophical concept behind the Law of Attraction; whether we have used it or not. The majority of us have, I have to say for one thing or another. Most of the time, we use the Law of Attraction to help us find a solution to problem or current situation. This is where the problem lies when it comes to manifestation. We often use the Law of Attraction in times of desperation, like lack of money, loss of a partner, or job. When it comes to using the Law of Attraction, you have to remember that the universe acts like a mirror; so whatever perception you have of a particular situation, you will receive it whether it is positive or negative in nature.

You often find that many people who use this concept ask for abundance or their soulmate without doing the prerequisites beforehand. This means on a soul and energetic level, you must clear away any negative beliefs and deep rooted fears that reside in your subconscious mind. Negative thoughts and beliefs can creep up into our conscious mind at any point, and they can be about anything that has happened to us. Most of the time, they are negative memories that have been stored into our brain over a period of time. This is known as our inner critic – the root of fear, low self-confidence, and self-sabotage.

Our ego and wounded child use this tactic to keep us in our comfort zone and safe place. However, it doesn’t serve us when it comes to attracting positive things to our lives. Having fear when you are manifesting is like starving a flame from having oxygen – it just doesn’t work. You need to feed your subconscious mind with positive thoughts before you begin to start manifesting things into your life. However, this can take a while, especially if you have had a difficult past, and sometimes it may require the assistance of a professional.

Here are the four main reasons why the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you:

1. Using the Law of Attraction out of desperation. As I have just mentioned before, the universe works like a mirror, so when you try to manifest something out of pure desperation; what you desire will become further and further away. This is because the feeling of desperation comes from the essence of fear and control. When we become desperate; we are afraid of losing someone or something out of fear, so we try chase the energetic flow, only to eventually find out that its not going to come into fruition. It is a bit like trying to chase an optical illusion; like a rainbow for instance. It just doesn’t work at all on an energetic level.

Law of Attraction Hack #1: Instead of chasing and being desperate for positive changes, you must remember that you must surrender to the flow of life. When you let go of control and fear, you will become much more lighter and happier, which in the long term will help you attract the things that you truly desire in your life. It’s like what the old saying always says: “Things come into your life when you least expect them”. So surrender to the flow of life and you will begin to see more abundance happening around you.

2. Expecting what you desire to come to you on a plate without physically pursuing it in the real world. This is like asking the universe to give someone their dream job or romantic partner and expecting it to be on their doorstep. In the real world, it just doesn’t work like that unfortunately. You have to do the dirty work first, so that you can receive what you desire. This is particularly the case when it comes to finding the ideal partner. We would rather daydream about them instead of physically going through the dating process because deep down, we find it too overwhelming and stressful.

Law of Attraction Hack #2: Get out there! Let yourself be seen and heard! Do not be afraid or fearful about what you are doing! See it as a positive step forward to where you want to be in your life and within yourself. Whether that is finding a new home, job, or relationship. Whatever it maybe, make yourself known!

3. Being far too specific and unrealistic about what you want from the universe. In some ways, I do think having expectations to some degree or another is a good thing. However, when it comes to manifesting, we can get carried away with the little details instead of focusing on the most important parts. This is very common especially when you want to ask the universe for a lover or a dream home. Remember that perfection doesn’t exist. See the beauty in the imperfections and let go of unrealistic high expectations you may have of yourself and the universe around you. Nothing in this world is perfect.

Law of Attraction Hack #3: Write down your top five most important qualities, policies, values or traits you desire in a person or in a company you wish to work for. You can even use this method to help you manifest your dream family home too. By doing it this way, you don’t overthink and stress over what you desire – you just let go and allow yourself to trust the universe. Simplicity is always the best method when it comes to using the Law of Attraction.

4. Having negative thoughts or self-doubt when manifesting. Much like desperation, having negative thoughts and beliefs when you want to attract something into your life will instantly prevent you from receiving it from the universe. Negative energy and self-doubt do not serve you any purpose – all it leads to is anxiety, stress, and depression. When you tell the universe that you subconsciously do not believe you deserve what you desire you are basically telling it not to manifest it in the real world. Let go of your ego and have faith and trust in the universe. You deserve to have what you want in your life. You deserve to have what will make you happy.

Law of Attraction Hack #4: This is most probably the most challenging hacks on this list so far, as this requires continuous effort to undo the negative beliefs and thoughts that have been ingrained into us when we were children. Healing from these dysfunctional thought patterns can take time and sometimes requires a professional. Try meditating and different healing exercises. When it comes to healing from negative beliefs and past traumas, you want to heal your inner child. This is the center of your insecurities, fear, and doubt. Once you heal from your past, you will begin to attract the things that vibrate on the same level as you.

Thank you so much for reading.

How To Balance you Life

I have always known that I tend to have an extreme approach to life where it’s either “Everything has to be done and it has to be perfect” or “I do not care about anything at all”. You may be sitting in front of your computer, shaking your head and you’re right.. it’s not healthy. So, here are some things that have helped get out of this toxic cycle.

  1. Studies and work should not be your number one priority. Yes, you read that right. No matter how important grades are to you school should NEVER be your number one priority.
  2. Make health your number one priority. I have told you what shouldn’t be your number one priority and now it’s time to give you a good number one! Health, physical and mental, should always be what you put first in life.
  3. Focus on long term happiness. Thinking of your long term happiness could help you fight procrastination at the moment because short term gratification won’t matter. On the other hand you may also realize that studying isn’t what’s making you happy now and it won’t make you happy later and that’s okay too.
  4. Self care is just as important as your work. This one is honestly the hardest for me. Self care is what will get you in working shape without burning yourself out completely.
  5. Things don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to do everything. It’s okay to choose not to do something or to half-ass it. Always having everything perfect while lacking in every other part of life is pretty much the opposite of balance.
  6. Spend time with people. Don’t put school first when it comes to relationships and connections. In 5 years, those relationships and connections will still be there but school won’t.

Thank you for reading!

How Consistently Living In The Past Can Affect Your Present And Future

Since the day we were born, each day that passes becomes a memory that is stored deep within our mind, body and soul. These memories can be good, bad, or even mediocre. It’s the mediocre and average memories that get discarded and forgotten about, whereas pleasant and distressing memories stay for a long time.

Feelings of regret, shame, and guilt from mistakes that have happened in the past are particularly difficult to release and heal from, as they can cause an awful amount of pain and it also requires patience too. Healing from the past is not an easy task at all, and sometimes, if not all of the time, it requires professional help.

The best way to heal from past trauma is to go within and ask yourself what feelings you have when a bad memory flashes back at you within your consciousness. Common feelings are shame, regret, guilt, rage, sadness and anger. You can also start to stir up feelings of self-pity and blame, especially if you’ve made a mistake and upset someone unintentionally.

Writing your thoughts and feelings down when these memories pop up can help you to release and let them go. It can also help you get insight into where those thoughts, memories, and emotions came from originally. Usually, these memories and the emotions attached to them come from the ego, our identity, as well as our inner child.

When you write down these emotions and memories, you’ll begin to notice that most of them start with ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘my’. These are the words we use when we talk through our ego, and this why it can ruin relationships. It has a self-righteous and selfish nature. Our ego doesn’t recognize other peoples feelings, and that’s why many relationships fail. Always remember that the past is in the past and the only reason why it is still affecting you even to this day is because you keep thinking about.

Sometimes you don’t even try to think about certain situations, but it eventually comes up to the surface by being in your imagination. Sometimes unpleasant memories can come into our consciousness, which can affect our mood, behavior, and thoughts about ourselves for the rest of the day. To overcome feeling controlled by your negative memories try to release and let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Memories are a just form of imagination, they come from the deep depths of our subconscious mind or our inner child, and this is where nightmares and bad dreams can manifest. Nightmares are only fragments of your imagination where there are negative emotions attached to them, such as fear. That can be anything you are fearful of. These fears can start in childhood, when we didn’t get the support or help we needed as children.

Dreams can be a powerful tool to use when you want to go on the path of self-discovery. They can teach us about what scares us, what makes us happy, give us insight into the near future, remind us of our past, and many other things. They allow us to learn to release burdens and heal from them so we can grow psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

When you release these memories and the negative emotions, you will begin to feel lighter emotionally and much more carefree and happy. Consistently living in the past will greatly affect your present as well as your future, because you will be constantly stuck in negative beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about yourself which will prevent you from moving forward. This is very common with people who have been cheated on or had their heartbroken in a previous relationship.

When they start seeing someone new, they begin to think about what happened to them in the past and worry about them repeating the same pain or memory in the future. This creates an immense amount of anxiety, insecurity, and fear about your current relationship. You begin to start being clingy, needy, possessive, and jealous towards your partner, which makes them feel uncomfortable and eventually making them want to break up with you.

This type of behaviour is very common in people who have a fear of abandonment, which I talked about in a previous post in detail. Sometimes people with a fear of abandonment can also close themselves up emotionally and tell themselves that they are destined to be alone, unloved, and broken so they avoid getting involved with anyone romantically again, so they don’t have to deal with the pain. This is not true, as everyone who is living on this planet is worthy and deserves to be loved and feel love.

Your ego and your inner critic wants you to believe those negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. Think about it this way, if you keep listening to your inner critic and your self-destructive ego, you will be continuously living in a toxic cycle that consists of self-sabotage, self pity, and victimization, which can affect your present as well as the future. Living in your past means you will only ever experience what you already know, you won’t ever allow yourself to open up to something new happening now.

You’ll find a lot of people who have been abused in the past, find it hard to feel secure in their mind, body and spirit, and the world around them. They lose sense of awareness and trust within themselves and others. Most of the time, people who have been abused suffer with distressing symptoms of PTSD, PTRD, CPTSD, anxiety, panic disorder, or depression, which requires professional help from a mental health practitioner.

The key word here is: release. When you allow yourself to release you naturally open yourself up to healing, which helps you grow and leave the past behind so you can live a brighter future. I believe emotional releasing is very underrated, especially when it’s done in a healthy way.

When you release your emotions as a daily ritual or on a regular basis, you start to understand yourself and the people around you better, which teaches you to feel empathy and compassion. This is what makes you grow to become awakened, happy, and free. Do not suffer in silence and bottle up the emotions that have been caused by your past. Instead, try talking to someone, writing it down, just find a way to let it go.

You deserve to be happy now and in the future. Do not let your past mistakes, mishaps, or traumas bring you down. Start believing in yourself today and live for a brighter day, week, month and year and be happy. Thank you for reading!

How To Freshen Things Up In Your Life

Especially with everything going on in the world right now, things can feel very mundane and a bit repetitive. Routines and repetition are great but everybody needs some of change sometimes. Lets get into some ways to freshen things up in your boring old life:

Change your routine. This is probably the simplest way to bring a new, fresh feeling into your day to day. You can add completely new activities or you can just change the order of things. Either way it will feel new and maybe even exciting depending on what you add!

Talk to someone new. Find a new friend! There’s so many ways to meet people on the internet nowadays.

Try something you’ve never done. You can cook a new recipe or try playing an instrument. If you fall in love with it or not doesn’t really matter. What’s important is to try it to figure out what your next step will be.

Learn a new skill. Learning new skill takes time and patience but it will add a long lasting satisfaction to your life and it can really switch up your entire lifestyle.

Try new decor. Bring a new plant into your home or try moving things around in your home to make it look different. Simply move things around until you like it and your space will have new energy.

Change of scenery. Switch up your usual places for certain tasks and activities. Change the place where you read, where you work, or where you work out.

Quit a bad habit. This one is neither simple nor quick, but I had to mention it since it’s one of the best ways to feel like a whole new and better person. Choose a habit that makes you feel bad and do your best to replace it with a good habit.

Change the time you wake up. This is a small change but waking up earlier/later can give you both more time and energy! Figuring out how much sleep you need and when is the best time to wake up for you can significantly improve your life.

Switch up your style. Combine the clothes you have in a new way, change up your hair, and get a crazy pedicure!

Change the way you work out. If you don’t have a way you move your body almost every day, find something you will truly enjoy. And if you do work out, try something new! You can do pilates, jogging, or weight lifting. Dancing and walking are both fun ways too! No matter what you’re doing now, go and try something else. You might even like it more!

Thank you so much for reading!

How To Listen To Your Intuition And Get In Touch With Yourself

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.

Lao Tzu

Do you feel connected to yourself?

Your intuition is a part of yourself. It is always guiding you. However, most of us don’t listen to it because we feel we don’t have a strong bond with ourselves. We don’t trust ourselves, instead we trust everyone except us. To listen to it we need to start getting to know ourselves like a friend. This might sound weird to you, but if we don’t feel connected to ourselves we won’t know how to listen to ourselves either, because your intuition is a part of you. So always ask yourself: am I feeling a connection with myself, with the deepest parts of myself? Do I trust myself?

Talk to yourself

There are many ways to get in touch with yourself again and one of them is speaking to yourself. I know this might sound weird too! But believe me, it works. Talk to yourself about everything that is bothering you. Have a conversation with yourself.

Keep a journal

If you don’t want anyone to hear you then this one is for you! Writing in a journal is like talking to yourself but nobody can hear, so it’s perfect. You can write about anything you like. Write about how you feel, rant about anything, get everything out of your chest. My favorite thing to do when I journal is to list what is bothering me and then list every solution. You will be amazed when you do this, because there’s always a solution you can come up with.


When I first started listening to myself I realized I had a lot of fears and it was difficult to differentiate them from my intuition. Remember that you intuition is far away from your thoughts, so they’re not your fears. A way to listen to yourself more instead of your thoughts is meditating.

Do not think for a while:

If you really want to follow your intuition, do not think. Sometimes, when I lose something, I stay in a non-thinking state for a while and ask myself where is it. This has worked for me many times. When we over-think, instead of coming up with a solution, we come up with more problems, this is why meditating is so helpful!

Thank you for reading!

How To Overcome Fear Of Intimacy

The fear of intimacy is a very common fear to have, especially when we’re dating someone or looking for love for the first time after experiencing a break-up. You’ll often find people that have a subconscious fear of intimacy are in love with the romanticism behind the process of falling in love. I like to call this the ‘being in love with love syndrome’.

These people are in love with the ideology of feeling connected to someone on every level, but on the flip side, they are also afraid of showing their true selves because it brings up too much pain. Another trait that these people have is that they have a tendency to search for their soulmate or twin flame, but then once they have found what they’ve been looking for, they runaway from the connection, leaving the other person in the dark.

People who have a fear of intimacy also have a fear of being vulnerable, because they believe that is a sign of weakness. Infidelity and being addicted to dating and relationship hopping is very common with people who have a fear of intimacy.They can also become codependent, needy, possessive, jealous and desperate with the people they get romantically involved with. This can also happen with people who have a fear of abandonment, betrayal and rejection, which are usually linked with fear of intimacy as well. These fears are developed in our childhood, often when our parents fail to give us love, affection, a sense of emotional security and support when we needed it the most.

To overcome this destructive dynamic, you must inward and dive into your past, no matter how traumatic and painful it is for you. Your past has the answers to why you’re suffering now in the present moment. Healing your inner child is the only way you can overcome the fear of intimacy and any other fears you maybe holding on to.

Your inner child and your shadow self are the roots of all fear, anger, shame and guilt. On the positive side, your inner child is the home of joy, playfulness, creativity, curiosity, freedom, adventure, imagination and spontaneity. To access your inner child, you can do guided meditations and self-hypnosis sessions, as well as writing a letter to your adult self from your child self.

This simple exercise can be done by writing the letter in your left hand (or right hand), the hand which you don’t write with, as this engages your subconscious mind. Your dominant hand, will be your adult self, as you are right now in the present moment. It’s very important not to judge yourself or consciously think about what you are going to write, because when you do you’re coming from a place of resistance. The idea behind this exercise is to come from a place of compassion, acceptance, understanding and fluidity.

By doing this on a regular basis, you’ll start to gain insight and discover the root causes behind your fears and phobias that are attached to intimacy, relationships, sexuality and dating. It’s important to remember to not to give up hope, especially when you’re trying to overcome your fears about intimacy. Always have faith in yourself and believe in your own personal power, as this will improve your self confidence and self-worth in all aspects of your life, not just your love life.

The fear of intimacy is easy to overcome, once you know how. Don’t let the fear of intimacy stop you from experiencing the love you’ve always desired, you deserve better than that. You are worthy of being loved. Thank you for reading!

Throughout our lives we have to come to terms with death and endings, and recovering from grief is a very emotionally demanding situation for many of us.

How To Recover From Grief And Loss With 5 Steps

Throughout our lives, we eventually have to come to terms with death and endings. Recovering from grief is a very emotionally demanding situation for many of us. The loss of a loved one is possibly one of the most painful experiences a human being can witness.

Why is it so painful?

This is because of the hormone oxytocin. We share it with people who we are close to or intimate with, and this is why we cry when they leave us from this earth. Oxytocin is a major component in emotional attachment too, and it helps us build a connection someone. When someone passes away, this stimuli gets registered in our amygdala, causing our threat/protection system to be triggered. In conclusion, feelings of shock, sadness, grief and despair rise up into our consciousness.

These emotions eventually reach an overwhelming level, and we begin to cry uncontrollably to self-soothe ourselves. Crying also gives us a chance to release our psychological distress. It is okay to cry.

Sometimes, this healing process can be blocked due to negative beliefs that have been taught to someone in childhood. You may believe that it is shameful to express their emotions because you were taught early on in childhood that it’s a weakness. This belief is a result of abuse during childhood and it can have very damaging effects on us when we reach adulthood. We may find it hard to console with others, give sympathy, and show empathy to people who are going through a difficult time. Always remember that allowing and accepting your emotions to release is your greatest healer. Bottling it up will only cause you more pain. For some tips on surrendering and why it’s good for us click here.

Here are five simple steps to help you recover from the emotional pain of grief and the sudden loss of a loved one. Remember, the healing process will take time, so be patient. I would also recommend working with a professional, as grief can greatly affect our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Step 1: Allow yourself to have time to grieve.

As I have already said before; expressing your emotions shouldn’t be something to be scared of. Crying and expressing feelings of sadness are a natural part of the grieving process. Emotions are what makes us who we are. So, there is no need to bottle them up or be ashamed of them. Without them, we would be a very different species. They are essential to life. So, let go of shame and allow yourself to be completely present with what you’re feeling. Allow the tears to flow without judgement or resistance.

Step 2: Write a letter to your loved one in spirit telling them how grateful you are for them

Write a letter to them expressing how grateful you are to have have them as a part of your life. This can be anything from how supportive they were to you, how they made you smile, laugh and feel loved and accepted. Anything you want it to be. Once you have done this, you can take it out and place it on their grave or memorial, or beside a photograph of them smiling in a photo frame with a white candle next to it. You can also have it placed beside their favorite possession too, as this will help you connect to them.

Step 3: Celebrate their life and the legacy they have left behind.

This can be done by creating an altar that is dedicated to them and their life. Or maybe creating a scrapbook of all their achievements and accomplishments. Or even celebrating their annual birthday with them in spirit by leaving things they used to love on their place of rest. Share stories with others telling them about how great of a person they were and how they had such positive impact on so many people they interacted with. You can also create a charity in their memory to help raise awareness. This way, you can help and connect with others who have gone through the same process. For more ideas on how to celebrate a loved ones legacy click here.

Step 4: Spend time with those you love and trust the most.

As death and loss are difficult situations in life, it is important to spend time with those you love the most. Get all of the support you need, whether that is a close friend, counselor, your partner, or a close relative to you. With situations like this, it is always best to get as much support as possible. This will help with your recovery after the death. Talk to others about what your going through and always be open to ask for help and advice when you need it.

Step 5: Seek out professional help.

Grief is one of those emotions that sometimes requires help and guidance from a registered professional. The pain from grief can greatly affect our sleep, appetite, mood and energy levels. All of these things have a huge impact on our overall well-being. Work with a counselor that specializes in grief therapy for specific techniques that can help you heal emotionally.

I want to remind anyone who is currently experiencing grief and trauma that there is hope and you can recover from this. You are not alone in this experience, as most of us have been through it at least once in our lifetime. Thank you so much for reading.

Lets talk about a few things that could help you find new friends. Making new friends isn't easy, and finding where to meet new people is even harder. Especially in adulthood, when you aren't attending school or participating in clubs or sports. But don't fret, making new friends is not impossible as an adult.

How To Make New Friends

Lets talk about a few things that could help you find new friends. Making new friends isn’t easy, and finding where to meet new people is even harder. Especially in adulthood, when you aren’t attending school or participating in clubs or sports. But don’t fret, making new friends is not impossible as an adult. You just need a few tips:

Where you look for friends is important.

Choose your place wisely, because it will affect what type of person you might encounter. You want a friend who will party with you? Then look for friends at parties. You want a study partner? Look for one in your class or at the library. You get the idea.

Friends of your friends.

Mutual friends if you will. If you really don’t know where to begin, ask your current friends to introduce you to new people. Bonding with new people is less intimidating in groups, especially when the other parties know each other and you know at least one party.

Say hi first.

Most importantly, say hello first. I know it’s not easy, okay? I myself am a pretty bold person and sticking to simply introducing myself first has always been an issue. But if you do make this move, perhaps even give a firm handshake, you’ll make a great impression.

Be honest.

Being honest is always the way to go. Remember, honesty is the best policy. Of course, don’t overshare, but for example admitting you’re nervous and you’re looking for a friend can help a lot, rather than faking to appear as someone you are not.

Bonding over struggles.

Sometimes a difficult class or a stressful exam can help you bond with others. Maybe even a mean boss or hard task at work. For example, I’ve met many of my current friends just by helping them in class or even going through a competition in a friendly manner.

Do something fun.

If you do manage to plan something with your new friend, pick an activity. Sitting in a cafe talking can be rather intimidating when you don’t know each other well, so pick something more demanding. It could be as simple as a movie night or you could do something like go to the gym together. In addition, you can try looking up date ideas and then adjust them to a friend-date! Click here for some fun activity ideas.

Not meeting anybody new in your daily life?

Try online sites and apps made for meeting friends! I’ve tried Bumble BFF, for instance, and I’ve personally met a handful of friends who I genuinely have grown to care about. My one piece of advice is hold your standards high. In other words, don’t waste your time entertaining conversations with people you know don’t meet your friend criteria.

To sum it up, these are all my tips for making new friends. Now, go out there and meet someone new today! Click here if you’re in need of more help with building friendships with others. Thank you for reading.

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I’ve had trouble with sleeping since I was younger. It took me a very long time to fall asleep and the little sleep I got wasn’t really giving me any energy. After few years of paying attention to my sleeping habits I’ve learned a few things that make my sleep much better.

Better Quality Sleep: Tips So You Can Sleep Like A Baby

I’ve had trouble with sleeping since I was younger. It took me a very long time to fall asleep and the little sleep I got wasn’t really giving me any energy. After few years of paying attention to my sleeping habits I’ve learned a few things that make my sleep much better. Here’s a bunch of them:

Find out how many hours of sleep you need.

This is very important. For example I need around 7 hours while my friend needs almost 10. Adjust your bedtime to the of hours of sleep you need.

Are you a morning or night person?

Another important detail. Are you happier in the morning or in the evening? When are you the most productive? If you are a morning person, try to go to bed as early as possible and you can wake up early. Night people can stay awake longer and sleep longer in the morning. However, be careful because the sleep you get before midnight is the most important.

Get stuff ready for tomorrow.

An hour or so before bedtime I get stuff ready for the next day. I plan tomorrow and I put my books in the bag, I prepare an outfit, and make snacks and sometimes even lunch for the next day. All this makes me go to bed less stressed and sometimes even excited for the day ahead.

No screens.

Two words: blue light… Screens aren’t very good for you or your eyes before bed because it makes you more awake. Try to turn everything off an hour before bed.


Reading before bed actually makes me sleepier and it’s a calm enough activity to slow you down bit.


Or try yoga. You loosen your muscles after a long day and clear out your head a bit. If you don’t feel like moving before bedtime, meditation also works well.

Calm music or no music.

I am very creative person who loves all kinds of music. Music makes my mind race with new ideas. Not ideal for when you’re trying to unwind…

Self care.

Evenings are a great time for self care. Personally it calms me down and just overall feels nice. Learn more about self care here.

Warm showers.

No need to say more…

Certainly no coffee, black tea, or green tea.

It’s no good to drink any of these after 12 pm because they tend to keep you up. Learn more here. I don’t drink coffee, however I love tea. These drinks can keep you awake so try chamomile tea or even warm milk.

Try some of these tips tonight before bed for better quality sleep. And check out the sleep analysis option on your fit-bits and apple watches! Thank you for reading.

How To Bounce Back In Silence In 4 Steps

I’ve been beating myself up because of loneliness, laziness, and lack of motivation while in quarantine but I’m now realizing that this time alone is actually meant to be a blessing. This is a period where we can finally accomplish things we said we would do but never came around to. Here are some things you can do or work on during this time, so you can bounce back in silence when this is all behind us!

1. Get off social media. You’ve heard it before, you’re hearing it again. Even a few days break can do wonders for your mental health. I’ve been realizing that the reason why my confidence was constantly lowering was because I was comparing myself to the unrealistic standards of social media. Taking a few days off to remind yourself that you’re THAT BITCH, that you deserve the whole world, and that you are an human is so worth not checking what he posted on is story. Use the hours you save from social media to realize your dreams. Get on that grind, get that bread, raise those grades. When you think about it, you don’t even remember half the shit you see on social media, it’s a mindless way to waste such valuable time.

2. Take care of your health. Eat foods that fuel you. Stop skipping brushing your teeth, get your ass up and get those teeth SHINING. Wash your face, try new skincare remedies and products, figure out your skin undertone, type, what works for you etc. and arrange your beauty routine to fit that.

3. Stop with the excuses and start working for your dream body. The only person standing between you and that snatched body is, guess what, YOU! You are so much more powerful than you think you are, and once you realize that you CAN be one of those girls that wake up early to work out, that can CHUG that gallon of water like it ain’t nothing, that can RUN that mile your potential is endless. Just get up and get sweaty. Put in the work and the universe will put out the results.

4. Get in tune. Start a manifesting journal if you don’t have one already. Start a daily journal to write down what you’ve accomplished and how you’re feeling. I did this for 365 days last year when I was abroad, and reading it takes me back so vividly. It was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Try meditating, yoga, and breathing mindfully. Make your house/room your sanctuary. Love the space you live in.

Add a little bit of SPICE to your life. Romanticize making that 1 minute pack of noodles. Stare out of your window as if you were in a music video. If we didn’t have those moments, what would life even be about? Reclaim your power and bounce back. A few months of consistent effort and you will be a new person. Thank you for reading!