How To Balance you Life

I have always known that I tend to have an extreme approach to life where it’s either “Everything has to be done and it has to be perfect” or “I do not care about anything at all”. You may be sitting in front of your computer, shaking your head and you’re right.. it’s not healthy. So, here are some things that have helped get out of this toxic cycle.

  1. Studies and work should not be your number one priority. Yes, you read that right. No matter how important grades are to you school should NEVER be your number one priority.
  2. Make health your number one priority. I have told you what shouldn’t be your number one priority and now it’s time to give you a good number one! Health, physical and mental, should always be what you put first in life.
  3. Focus on long term happiness. Thinking of your long term happiness could help you fight procrastination at the moment because short term gratification won’t matter. On the other hand you may also realize that studying isn’t what’s making you happy now and it won’t make you happy later and that’s okay too.
  4. Self care is just as important as your work. This one is honestly the hardest for me. Self care is what will get you in working shape without burning yourself out completely.
  5. Things don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to do everything. It’s okay to choose not to do something or to half-ass it. Always having everything perfect while lacking in every other part of life is pretty much the opposite of balance.
  6. Spend time with people. Don’t put school first when it comes to relationships and connections. In 5 years, those relationships and connections will still be there but school won’t.

Thank you for reading!