How To Bounce Back In Silence In 4 Steps

I’ve been beating myself up because of loneliness, laziness, and lack of motivation while in quarantine but I’m now realizing that this time alone is actually meant to be a blessing. This is a period where we can finally accomplish things we said we would do but never came around to. Here are some things you can do or work on during this time, so you can bounce back in silence when this is all behind us!

1. Get off social media. You’ve heard it before, you’re hearing it again. Even a few days break can do wonders for your mental health. I’ve been realizing that the reason why my confidence was constantly lowering was because I was comparing myself to the unrealistic standards of social media. Taking a few days off to remind yourself that you’re THAT BITCH, that you deserve the whole world, and that you are an human is so worth not checking what he posted on is story. Use the hours you save from social media to realize your dreams. Get on that grind, get that bread, raise those grades. When you think about it, you don’t even remember half the shit you see on social media, it’s a mindless way to waste such valuable time.

2. Take care of your health. Eat foods that fuel you. Stop skipping brushing your teeth, get your ass up and get those teeth SHINING. Wash your face, try new skincare remedies and products, figure out your skin undertone, type, what works for you etc. and arrange your beauty routine to fit that.

3. Stop with the excuses and start working for your dream body. The only person standing between you and that snatched body is, guess what, YOU! You are so much more powerful than you think you are, and once you realize that you CAN be one of those girls that wake up early to work out, that can CHUG that gallon of water like it ain’t nothing, that can RUN that mile your potential is endless. Just get up and get sweaty. Put in the work and the universe will put out the results.

4. Get in tune. Start a manifesting journal if you don’t have one already. Start a daily journal to write down what you’ve accomplished and how you’re feeling. I did this for 365 days last year when I was abroad, and reading it takes me back so vividly. It was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Try meditating, yoga, and breathing mindfully. Make your house/room your sanctuary. Love the space you live in.

Add a little bit of SPICE to your life. Romanticize making that 1 minute pack of noodles. Stare out of your window as if you were in a music video. If we didn’t have those moments, what would life even be about? Reclaim your power and bounce back. A few months of consistent effort and you will be a new person. Thank you for reading!