How To Detach

Lets talk about a concept that many of us struggle with. When going through the manifestation process, detachment is often the one thing we struggle with most. ‘Detachment’ refers to the act of letting go of your attachment, obsession, and preoccupation of whatever you’re desiring. 

Why Is It Important To Detach?

Manifestation is all about finding our own power through our relationship with the Universe. It is about co-creating with and trusting in the Universe. By anxiously holding on to the things we have placed in the Universe’s hands, we are basically saying “I don’t trust in this process”. When we don’t trust in the process, it closes us off to receiving all of the blessings and opportunities that the Universe has to offer us. 

Okay, So How Do I Detach?

The key to staying detached is to build a solid relationship with the Universe! Think about it – if we know and understand what we’re working with, it will be so much easier to trust in the process. If you were asked to place your entire future in the hands of a stranger, what would you say? You would probably say no! Manifestation requires deep, unwavering trust. In order to build that trust, you have to build a relationship first. 

You also have to build a strong relationship with yourself! Don’t forget, you are an important part of the equation. If you don’t trust in yourself, you will have a difficult time manifesting the deeper stuff. 

So, How Do I Build A Connection With The Universe?

First, decide how you view the Universe. Do you believe the Universe is conscious energy? Do you believe in a Goddess or God? Maybe the Universe isn’t something spiritual to you. All of these beliefs are fine! What’s most important is that you get clear on your definition of the Universe. 

If you believe in a God/Goddess you may want to begin connecting through ritual, prayer, and devotion. Consistency is key! If you take a more agnostic or atheistic view on the Universe, you should think about how you relate to the Universe. How does the flow of the Universe affect you on a daily basis? It could also help to study how the Universe works! When we understand something, it becomes easier to trust it. 

But I’m Still Anxious! What Do I Do?

Keep focusing on your relationship with your Universe! Ask the Universe to send you signs or confirmation. Speak with the Universe. Write down all of those doubts and fears. It is normal to feel anxious when we are handing over our desires. The most important thing is that we continuously choose to lean towards the path of trust, even when we’re freaked the fuck out!

Happy manifesting and thank you for reading!