How To Disconnect From Technology And Reconnect With Yourself

Such a large part of our lives is digital now and I have realized it sometimes makes me feel disconnected from my life and the things I make. I’m not saying technology is evil, it is the opposite. However, sometimes it’s necessary to connect to reconnect with yourself to feel human again. Here are some ways to disconnect from technology and feel real again:


Connect to your body

There are many ways you can connect to your body, here are a few ideas:

  • Breathing mindfully or meditation. Take time to sit and collect your thoughts but also practice slowing down in your daily activities, doing less, and doing it with presence and awareness. Don’t rush.
  • Move! Yoga is one of my favorite activities to connect to my body, but you can also stretch, workout, dance, and whatever else lets you move your body freely.
  • Physical self care. Do a face mask, run a bubble bath, deep condition your scalp, get a pedicure, book a massage, you get the deal. Do anything that you consider self care.
  • Being naked and getting intimate. When you’re naked you are with the purest, rawest version of your body. Cherish the moments after the shower and admire you truest form in the mirror. Making love and getting intimate is pretty straight forward, simply find pleasure with your body.

Spend time with people technology free

Of course right now, given the situation it’s not possible. However, right when things calm down, make sure to be with someone and really enjoy their company. Even when you’re spending time with family or friends, put the phone away. Some good tips are to make meal times phone free, limit phone use after a certain hour, and taking breaks from social media.

Make things with your hands

Have a hobby that makes you create physical things with your own hands. Something like cooking, sewing, gardening, embroidery, pottery, painting… Being able to see your creations in real life is an amazing feeling.

Sit in the sun

Feeling the sun on your skin grounds you to the earth and connects your body to the universe. Try sun-gazing as soon as you wake up to get the best effects.


Spend time in nature

There is something about reconnection with nature that always makes me feel at home and real. Walking barefoot on grass, gardening or spending time with animals is just so benefitial for you.

Make food, eat food, and be mindful about it

Preparing food and eating slowly connects you to what you are fueling your body with. Eat food that will do your body good and that you actually enjoy consuming and you’ll feel more connected to your food.

Go through an experience without taking photos

Very often I am the only one not taking photos or videos at concerts. It doesn’t make me a better person in any way. It’s just my decision to enjoy the moment for what it is.

Thank you for reading!