How To Be Kinder To Others

Being kind is so important. I didn’t always think so, I used to think it’s better to be mean, tough, and heartless. But this type of behavior gets you absolutely nowhere in life. There’s so much more strength in kindness.

I’ve learned that it was hard for me to be kinder to others because I was accustomed to being kind to myself. This part took some healing, but with time I was able to treat myself kindly, and eventually I was able to treat others kindly. Here’s a few kind things you can do, if you don’t know where to start:

  • Properly greeting everyone and always saying thank you and please
  • When someone messes up, be understanding
  • When someone’s doing something, help them if you can, especially if they’re doing it for you
  • Pay full attention to the person talking to you
  • Compliment people on things you like
  • Use your skills to help others
  • Share things you have
  • Apologize when you mess up
  • Smile at people
  • Make small handmade gifts
  • Think kindly of yourself
  • Give yourself permission to slow down

Thank you for reading