Tips For Getting New Hobbies

I know a lot of people who simply don’t have any hobbies. I think having hobbies is important and everyone should make time to have a bit of fun. Hobbies are great to fall back on when you’re feeling down, stresses, or just not like yourself. You can pretty much make a hobby out of anything, but it’s completely normal to be in a rut. So, here’s a few tips on how you find a new hobby:

  1. Accept that it’ll be uncomfortable and you’ll do poorly at the beginning. Trying new things is hard because we are almost always bad at them at first. Being bad at something can be really uncomfortable, but you need to accept it and push through it. You have to focus on whether you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, not how good you are. 
  2. Look for hobbies similar to what you already like doing. Do you like singing? Try playing an instrument. Do you like dancing? Try playing a different sport. Do you like drawing? Try painting. Unless you’re starting from zero, your current hobbies can help you a lot.
  3. Try new things with your friends. Try new things with your friends. You can try join their hobby or you can both try something entirely new. Either way, things are less scary when there’s two of you.
  4. What are your talents? What are the things you’re good at? You could start by working on your talents. It can be something obvious like singing or your talent might point you in a vague direction. For example you might be good at making people laugh, but what hobby does that lead to? You can try improv, drama, or even stand-up!
  5. Try as many things as you can. Of course not everything is easy to try but there are so many small things you can try doing in a day! Embroidery, art, blogging, photography, singing… there are so many you can try without buying anything or joining courses.

Try something new today! Thank you for reading.