Setting Goals & Targets: Don’t Focus On The Destination

There are so many people who decide to set a new year’s resolution after the Christmas period, but never stick to it. Weight loss is a classic, if not stereotypical new year’s resolution to set for ourselves – especially when we feel guilty for over-indulging during the festive season. It’s this thought pattern of guilt, making us feel like we have to go to the gym because we are ashamed of how much weight we have gained in such little amount of time. Too many people try and lose weight for one month (maybe not even that), to get rid of the feelings of guilt, rather than having the determination to incorporate diet and exercise into their routine and making it a lifestyle.

It’s this attitude that gets you results in the long run. When you find eating healthy and exercising fun instead of a chore, you are more likely to stick to your ‘goals’ and make them into a lifestyle. Goals are never about the destination, they are about being open to go on a journey. When you accept that it is a journey, you begin to learn that its okay to have obstacles and mishaps and finally wave goodbye to a fear of failure for good. No one on this planet is perfect and gets everything easy, no matter how ‘perfect’ their life seems to you. Everyone has to go through rough patches in their lives and no one has it completely smooth the whole way through, life just doesn’t work like that – unfortunately. It’s these rough patches, failures and mistakes that make us stronger and without going through them its impossible to grow emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Think about it this way, if everyone was perfect without any flaws at all, none of us would grow and it would make the whole of humanity stagnant and stuck and not going anywhere. Flaws in a way, are a blessing really because they cause us to go inside ourselves, which invites us to go on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. This is the path that heals us from our past to create a more meaningful present and a brighter future in all aspects of our lives. So be accepting to your imperfections, they are much more important to you than the things that you like about yourself. Really think about that because its true.

Another mistake people make when they are setting goals for themselves is to focus on the desired measurement, weight or dress size by a certain time. This is a massive mistake to make because by doing this, you are only making self sabotage your destiny, not the body you’d hoped for. It doesn’t have to be weight loss related either. This happens with any type of goal you’ve set for yourself, but weight loss is a great example. So many people focus on getting the desired weight they desperately want that they lose the enjoyment of it to the point of obsession. This is how eating disorders develop into a viscous cycle that is hard to stop. Instead of obsessing over numbers, gravitate your awareness more to how you feel. When you choose to eat healthy and exercise because it makes you feel good and happy, you care less about statistics and society’s ideals.

Also stop comparing your body or life to someone on social media because this is no good either. When you do this, it encourages you to comparison and self-pity, which definitely doesn’t make you happy at all. Images on social media are heavily adulterated, to the point of them being unrealistic. Doing this will not help you achieve your dreams, it will only hinder it. Stop putting high expectations on yourself and surrender to your own journey. No journey is the same, each and every one of them is unique. Forget about your goals and begin your journey today, in this present moment.