How To Listen To Your Intuition And Get In Touch With Yourself

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.

Lao Tzu

Do you feel connected to yourself?

Your intuition is a part of yourself. It is always guiding you. However, most of us don’t listen to it because we feel we don’t have a strong bond with ourselves. We don’t trust ourselves, instead we trust everyone except us. To listen to it we need to start getting to know ourselves like a friend. This might sound weird to you, but if we don’t feel connected to ourselves we won’t know how to listen to ourselves either, because your intuition is a part of you. So always ask yourself: am I feeling a connection with myself, with the deepest parts of myself? Do I trust myself?

Talk to yourself

There are many ways to get in touch with yourself again and one of them is speaking to yourself. I know this might sound weird too! But believe me, it works. Talk to yourself about everything that is bothering you. Have a conversation with yourself.

Keep a journal

If you don’t want anyone to hear you then this one is for you! Writing in a journal is like talking to yourself but nobody can hear, so it’s perfect. You can write about anything you like. Write about how you feel, rant about anything, get everything out of your chest. My favorite thing to do when I journal is to list what is bothering me and then list every solution. You will be amazed when you do this, because there’s always a solution you can come up with.


When I first started listening to myself I realized I had a lot of fears and it was difficult to differentiate them from my intuition. Remember that you intuition is far away from your thoughts, so they’re not your fears. A way to listen to yourself more instead of your thoughts is meditating.

Do not think for a while:

If you really want to follow your intuition, do not think. Sometimes, when I lose something, I stay in a non-thinking state for a while and ask myself where is it. This has worked for me many times. When we over-think, instead of coming up with a solution, we come up with more problems, this is why meditating is so helpful!

Thank you for reading!