How To Listen To Your Body

Most people ignore the signs their body is giving them, even though your body knows best when it comes to your needs and your health. Lets talk about some signs your body gives you and what they could mean: 

  • Being hungry, thirsty and sleepy. These are extremely obvious and yet in our busy, hard-working society we tend to ignore those. Go and get some food, drink some water and take a nap. This is bare minimum.
  • Body being stiff and slow. All the muscles feel tense, you might be feeling stiff and movements feel hard. Your body feels tired but not necessarily sleepy. This could be caused by the lack of movement. Try doing some yoga, stretching, or working out a little. If you’re feeling confident enough for a full workout just keep your issue in mind though so you don’t overdo things and hurt yourself.
  • Stomach feels heavy and body feels sleepy. You might even feel bloated and tired after eating. Unless these feelings are sharp and painful (making your life harder -in this case you might wanna see a doctor) this might be caused by poor eating habits in general or a diet that’s not ideal for you. Try switching things up in your diet a bit like eating lighter foods, reducing meat and dairy or simply cutting out junk food for a bit.
  • Specific cravings. I crave bananas quite often, my dad eats pasta everyday for lunch, and my brother drinks a glass of milk everyday for no reason. These oddly strong and specific cravings might mean you’re missing some minerals or vitamins. Satisfy your cravings in moderation but eat what you need to eat, so you’re still filling in the gaps you have in minerals and vitamins.
  • Constant hunger. Now that we put cravings aside, lets talk about being hungry. No matter how much you eat you are just constantly hungry. This can have many causes, but the most common one for me is exhaustion and not eating enough nutritional or food. Forget about how much food you’re eating for a moment, and think about the types of food you consume and try rebuilding your diet with nutritionally dense foods, since filling up on these foods won’t harm you, as well as the foods you love, so that you can progressively eat a reasonable amount but you’re not torturing and depriving yourself while doing so.
  • Chronic pain/diseases/health issues worsening. It could be your pain getting more intense, it could be your mental health acting up a little, or it could even be stress. For me, a big warning sign is getting stress pimples and headaches. These are a very general warning sign that something’s wrong. You could be really exhausted, too stressed out or even sick. If you can’t find a possible cause or it’s not something you’re used to, you should visit a doctor.
  • Having a hard time getting up in the morning and generally existing. This could either be a sign of overworking yourself and not getting enough sleep or it’s something that goes hand in hand with some mental issues. It’s up to you to assess the situation. Get some rest. No matter the cause, just start with getting some rest.
  • Feeling sick. You might feel cold and tired. You might not want to eat and you could have a cold. Rest and listen to your body’s needs.

Learning to listen to your body’s cues takes practice. Start right now and you’ll already be a bit better at it tomorrow! Thank you for reading.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and all of these are things I have learned from experience. Possible solutions I might give here are not advice from a professional.