How Consistently Living In The Past Can Affect Your Present And Future

Since the day we were born, each day that passes becomes a memory that is stored deep within our mind, body and soul. These memories can be good, bad, or even mediocre. It’s the mediocre and average memories that get discarded and forgotten about, whereas pleasant and distressing memories stay for a long time.

Feelings of regret, shame, and guilt from mistakes that have happened in the past are particularly difficult to release and heal from, as they can cause an awful amount of pain and it also requires patience too. Healing from the past is not an easy task at all, and sometimes, if not all of the time, it requires professional help.

The best way to heal from past trauma is to go within and ask yourself what feelings you have when a bad memory flashes back at you within your consciousness. Common feelings are shame, regret, guilt, rage, sadness and anger. You can also start to stir up feelings of self-pity and blame, especially if you’ve made a mistake and upset someone unintentionally.

Writing your thoughts and feelings down when these memories pop up can help you to release and let them go. It can also help you get insight into where those thoughts, memories, and emotions came from originally. Usually, these memories and the emotions attached to them come from the ego, our identity, as well as our inner child.

When you write down these emotions and memories, you’ll begin to notice that most of them start with ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘my’. These are the words we use when we talk through our ego, and this why it can ruin relationships. It has a self-righteous and selfish nature. Our ego doesn’t recognize other peoples feelings, and that’s why many relationships fail. Always remember that the past is in the past and the only reason why it is still affecting you even to this day is because you keep thinking about.

Sometimes you don’t even try to think about certain situations, but it eventually comes up to the surface by being in your imagination. Sometimes unpleasant memories can come into our consciousness, which can affect our mood, behavior, and thoughts about ourselves for the rest of the day. To overcome feeling controlled by your negative memories try to release and let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Memories are a just form of imagination, they come from the deep depths of our subconscious mind or our inner child, and this is where nightmares and bad dreams can manifest. Nightmares are only fragments of your imagination where there are negative emotions attached to them, such as fear. That can be anything you are fearful of. These fears can start in childhood, when we didn’t get the support or help we needed as children.

Dreams can be a powerful tool to use when you want to go on the path of self-discovery. They can teach us about what scares us, what makes us happy, give us insight into the near future, remind us of our past, and many other things. They allow us to learn to release burdens and heal from them so we can grow psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

When you release these memories and the negative emotions, you will begin to feel lighter emotionally and much more carefree and happy. Consistently living in the past will greatly affect your present as well as your future, because you will be constantly stuck in negative beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about yourself which will prevent you from moving forward. This is very common with people who have been cheated on or had their heartbroken in a previous relationship.

When they start seeing someone new, they begin to think about what happened to them in the past and worry about them repeating the same pain or memory in the future. This creates an immense amount of anxiety, insecurity, and fear about your current relationship. You begin to start being clingy, needy, possessive, and jealous towards your partner, which makes them feel uncomfortable and eventually making them want to break up with you.

This type of behaviour is very common in people who have a fear of abandonment, which I talked about in a previous post in detail. Sometimes people with a fear of abandonment can also close themselves up emotionally and tell themselves that they are destined to be alone, unloved, and broken so they avoid getting involved with anyone romantically again, so they don’t have to deal with the pain. This is not true, as everyone who is living on this planet is worthy and deserves to be loved and feel love.

Your ego and your inner critic wants you to believe those negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. Think about it this way, if you keep listening to your inner critic and your self-destructive ego, you will be continuously living in a toxic cycle that consists of self-sabotage, self pity, and victimization, which can affect your present as well as the future. Living in your past means you will only ever experience what you already know, you won’t ever allow yourself to open up to something new happening now.

You’ll find a lot of people who have been abused in the past, find it hard to feel secure in their mind, body and spirit, and the world around them. They lose sense of awareness and trust within themselves and others. Most of the time, people who have been abused suffer with distressing symptoms of PTSD, PTRD, CPTSD, anxiety, panic disorder, or depression, which requires professional help from a mental health practitioner.

The key word here is: release. When you allow yourself to release you naturally open yourself up to healing, which helps you grow and leave the past behind so you can live a brighter future. I believe emotional releasing is very underrated, especially when it’s done in a healthy way.

When you release your emotions as a daily ritual or on a regular basis, you start to understand yourself and the people around you better, which teaches you to feel empathy and compassion. This is what makes you grow to become awakened, happy, and free. Do not suffer in silence and bottle up the emotions that have been caused by your past. Instead, try talking to someone, writing it down, just find a way to let it go.

You deserve to be happy now and in the future. Do not let your past mistakes, mishaps, or traumas bring you down. Start believing in yourself today and live for a brighter day, week, month and year and be happy. Thank you for reading!