The Power of Letting Go

Ahhh… letting go. This is one of the hardest things to do in life, especially when you have to let go of someone you truly loved and was very special to you, after they have broke up with you and possibly found someone else. I know how this feels and I have the deepest empathy for people who are currently going through this tough time in their lives. It hurts you to the core and makes you cry like a baby for weeks, it’s awful, I know. However, you need to know that everything needs to come to an end, and this is not a bad thing as it opens you up to new paths and potential relationships to blossom, that may be more compatible and healthier to you.

By allowing yourself to let go, you are releasing what doesn’t serve you anymore and making space in your heart for something new. Going through a heartbreak, isn’t a bad thing because it teaches you lessons about romantic relationships, what you desire in a partner and what you don’t want either as well as your own good attributes and finding peace in your imperfections. Death teaches us that we should not be afraid of letting go, as its a natural process in the cycle of life. We need death in this world because it gives us a chance to be born again. Without going through the process of breaking down, there is no chance of renewal.

Each day when the sun rises from the horizon, it offers you a chance to bring in new changes in to your life and start your day on a calm, happy note free from worry and pain from the past. Be grateful for being able to wake up to a new day that is full of opportunity, joy and happiness, as its one of life’s blessings.  Sunsets also offer us to surrender and let go of what has happened during the day, whether it was good or bad, accepting it and giving us an invitation to move forward. If you are resistant to accepting the flow of life, it will prevent you from growing into the greatest version of yourself and it will make your life miserable unnecessarily.

Being fearful of change is probably more common in society than you realise. This unhealthy pattern of thought is the reason why people live a life that is unsatisfactory, unhelpful and mediocre, which stops them from pushing themselves to do something different that could change their life for good and for the better. Fear prevents us from doing something different or making a risk, because the human psyche likes comfort and repetition as it makes us feel safe and secure in our surroundings. When we have the opportunity to do something new that is out of our comfort zone, we start worrying if we’ve made the the right decision or not and eventually we give into the fear rather than embracing it.

Here is an exercise that you can do that will help you let go of the past and open you up to experiencing a brighter future.

Things you’ll need:

A pen A piece of paper A shredder or a lighter

Write down on a piece of paper of all the things that are upsetting you currently in your life. This can also be things that have happened recently or in the past. These can be feelings, memories or thoughts, it doesn’t matter. Write them down when they come in to your mind as you do this exercise.

Once you have finished writing down all of the things, take a look at what you have written for a moment and then either burn or shred the paper (your choice) and watch it disappear taking your feelings of sadness, trauma, regret, shame, grief and guilt with it.

Repeat this exercise regularly until you feel ready to move into the next stage of your life.

You can let go and it is possible. Make these changes today, so that you can manifest your dreams into a reality and create a life you deserve.