How To Make Your Own Self-Care Routines

Many blogs talk about self-care routines, but these routines aren’t just one size fits all. So, how do you make one that suits your needs? Let me give you some pointers on creating personalized self-care routines:

  • Divide your self care into 3 categories: Body, mind and soul. This is very vague, I know, but hold on I’ll explain.
  • Under the “body” category falls all the physical self care. It can be all those pleasures like that extra scoop of ice cream, or it can be taking care of your body even though it might not always be pleasant. Working out, yoga, and skin care are usually the basics. Sleep also falls under this category.
  • The “mind” category requires knowledge and entertainment. This type of self care includes investing time and/or money into courses, books, and other type of knowledge. Obviously it doesn’t have to involve money, you can learn things on the internet or explore what you already have.
  • The “soul” category is your mental health and well-being. It’s the category that involves taking a day off, watching a pleasant movie, meditating, or making art.
  • Think about each category and ask yourself what you need. You might be in a desperate need of more sleep for your body or you can be bored out of your mind, so you better go and learn something new. Your soul may also be starving or hurting, so don’t forget to pay attention to this part of you.
  • How much self-care do you need? Ask yourself how much of each thing you need. For some people self care can be working out every day and for others it can be watching a movie once a week.
  • Schedule it in. I mean it. Write it down into your calendar. It may seem silly or unnecessary but trust me, caring for you is one of the most important things you can do. Keeping yourself healthy and happy should always be your priority.

Now, go ahead and make your own personalized self-care routine! Thank you for reading.