How To Raise Your Vibration

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel sad, lonely, afraid or even depressed for no apparent reason? If you rhetorically answered yes to that question, you may well be suffering from a low spiritual vibration. Sadly, a lot of people in society today are either spiritually lazy, unconscious or being surrounded by negativity, and this is a shame and it needs to change. 

I believe everyone in this world deserves to follow their bliss and live the life of their dreams no matter what age they are; whether they’re young or old. Many people are afraid of living a life that is pleasurable to them because they tell themselves that they are unworthy of being happy, that they could never be loved by someone dear to them, or they don’t have the belief that they can manifest their desires, hopes, or dreams for the future. 

These are false beliefs that are buried deep within our subconscious mind and our inner child, otherwise known as the ego. These beliefs usually stem from our childhood, when we were just making sense of how the world works while by being guided and cared for by our parents who might have subconsciously let us down without being aware. This means that they might had let a stranger, another family member, acquaintance, spouse, partner or friend be rude or abusive to you as a child and not said anything back to them because of their own fears of confrontation, violence, and expressing their anger inappropriately.

This makes a child feel hurt, unworthy, guilty, ashamed and frightened by the outside world as well as their inner world. This treatment could lead a child to act dysfunctional as an adult, and the more a person does these behaviors, the more likely the viscous cycle will continue and cause destruction throughout their daily life. This consistently damaging cycle can lead the person into a dark, guilty, fearful and shameful place, which can develop into self-sabotage, self-pity, and depression.

Living at low frequencies as explained in this post, does not serve you, the people around you, or the planet. Everyone of us here on Earth has the right to experience miracles, joy, and blessings in our lives. You deserve to live a life that brings you abundance, prosperity, love, and happiness. You are special person that has a beautiful soul and does not deserve to live in pain, suffering, and feelings of worthlessness, anger, guilt, regret, narcissism, or codependency. Your body is a temple, so show it love, care for it and nurture it everyday. There is only one of you living on this planet, that is how sacred and special you truly are.

Thank you for reading!