The Power of Emotional Vulnerability

Many of us from a young age are taught not to show our feelings to others by our parents, to help protect ourselves during times of distress in our lives. Society believes that if we show any sign of weakness to anyone, it will only go against us and not benefit in any way. This is somewhat true in context, but this belief does have huge setbacks that come with it. Sometimes in life, there are some circumstances when you have to let go of trying to be a warrior and surrender to your deep inner emotions rather than fighting against them. Telling someone that you feel hurt or allowing yourself to cry in front of someone you love, is never a sign of weakness. By being open to expressing your emotions with someone whether that is a relative, friend, partner or stranger, you begin to develop trust within yourself and with those around you, which takes courage, self awareness and strength. Showing weakness doesn’t mean your weak, it actually shows strength and self acceptance during turbulent times.

Emotional vulnerability is extremely important in all parts of life, especially in close romantic relationships. Couples who never tell each other how they feel in the relationship, usually have a lot of conflict which often leads to the failing of the partnership and ending it on a sour note. However, emotional vulnerability in relationships should always be equal between two people, otherwise it will put one of the partners at risk for emotional manipulation and psychological abuse, which is never okay. If you’re in a relationship like that, please seek out professional help from a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist. When both partners are emotionally compatible, this can increase the levels of intimacy, safety and bonding due to the hormone oxytocin, which is released by the hypothalamus in the brain. If you asked people “What does intimacy mean to you?”, they’d respond with the ideology of sex and red hot passion with somebody.

Some of that is true to some extent, but real intimacy with someone is feeling connected to them on all levels of love, not purely sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is needed for procreation, as it is our primal desire to reproduce and without it humanity wouldn’t survive as a species, so it is completely necessary to desire someone sexually. Sometimes, intimacy can frighten a lot of people, particularly men (and some women), because it breaks down the walls around them allowing the other person see them in their raw state, which can be extremely challenging and difficult to do. Think about it this way, whenever you look at someone in the eye it can either feel extremely awkward, weird or even romantic in some cases. Eye gazing, in fact, has shown to be one of the key secrets to finding true love, and many people who have done it have fell in love with their partner almost instantly. People find looking in to someone’s eyes so powerful, that they can actually see and feel all of what a person’s been through in their life whether they are triumphs or tragedies, which can be very overwhelming.

Most people don’t want to show their true selves to others because society made us believe that we should conform just like everyone else. This is wrong and its the reason why there are so many conflicts happening across the world today. People should never be afraid to cry, ask for help, look at someone in the eyes or fear of being seen suffering or in pain. This world needs love not violence so that we can come together and make it a better place. Take this advice on board, and watch your love life, friendships and family relationships advance like never before.